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I live in the country, can I still get Internet?

If live in the country, can I still get Internet?
Rural Internet is possible for most people. Many residents who live in rural or more remote areas question whether they can even get Internet service at their homes or home offices. In a world that is almost constantly connected, people without access to Internet services would be missing out on a lot such as news, social updates, and work and school opportunities. Thankfully, rural Internet is often available in the form of satellite Internet service. Satellite allows those who live in the country access to Internet.

Satellite Internet offers subscribers high speed Internet service
One common misconception many people have is that rural Internet, such as satellite Internet service, is slow and subscribers won’t be able to play games, stream movies or music, or even surf the web without experiencing severe lag times. As technology advances, rural Internet users can now experience service at speeds up to 25 Mbps.

Who are the best rural Internet providers?
Like finding the best doctor, it is important for potential subscribers to find the best service provider for them and their family. Data limitations, upload and download speeds, Wi-Fi capabilities and more all must be considered when selecting the best rural Internet provider for you.

When searching who are the best Internet providers, you should consider what you will be using your connection for. Consider if just you will be logging on or if you have a family that will be needing to use the connection at the same time. Think about if the primary use will be for gaming, which would require more data, or light browsing of the web, which would probably use less data. Exede, Dish, and HughesNet are all popular rural Internet providers.

Satellite providers offer customers data monitoring tools and Wi-Fi capabilities
Customers who live in the country have access to Wi-Fi capabilities as each modem has Wi-Fi access built in. This means multiple people can log on at a time and from almost any room in the house. With each member of the family having a device or two, this feature is a popular one for rural Internet users.

Family use can also raise concerns about data usage for many families. Satellite providers use technology to help make web pages load quickly and use less data while loading. They also offer various Data Usage Trackers to help you make sure you don’t exceed your limit. Though if you do go over, that’s fine. Your speed will just be reduced until next cycle, or you can use a data taken to return to full speed. Rural Internet users should consider satellite providers for their internet needs.